Turf Maintenance

Pierce’s adheres to strict standards when it comes to turf maintenance and the equipment used.  Our crews use Exmark™ and Stihl™ power equipment exclusively; so it is always familiar.  Regular maintenance of our equipment ensures it is safe to operate and it delivers a quality cut every time. 

  • Pierce’s cuts your turf every 7-10 days, as required during the growing season.
  • A height of 31/2 inches is maintained to encourage healthy growth and reveal the beauty of the turf.
  • We have 21”, 36”, 48” & 52” walk behind mowers and 60”riders. Pierce’s uses the mower that best fits your property.
  • Edges are trimmed to the same height as the turf after each mowing.
  • Sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots are edged at regular intervals.
  • Clippings are removed from walks, stoops, patios, parking lots, and streets (any non-turf areas) each time we mow.
  • We begin to remove leaves in the fall when the leaves become dense enough to be detrimental to undergrowth. This includes mulched landscape beds

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