Green Hope


GreenHope is licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as a custom applicator. With modern technology and integrated pest management (IPM), a very low concentration of chemical is needed to control the toughest weeds. In fact, the EPA has strict regulations on all the products we use. 

Combined with IPM we have a 5 step turf control application:

1. March through April: A balanced fertilizer with (Dimension) pre-emergent is applied.

2. May through June: A balanced fertilizer with broad leaf weed control is applied, (along with spot treating of any weeds.)

3. July through August: We use a slow-release fertilizer and spot treatment for broad leaf weeds.

4. September through October: A complete balanced fertilizer and broad leaf weed control is used.

5. November through December: (Turf is shutting down for the season.) A slow-release balanced fertilizer is applied to promote root development and faster green-up for next season.