Pierce's Preferred

Pierce's Preferred

Our Pierce's Preferred package offer our members a total hands-off, fully inclusive, package of services designed to take care of all standard activities regarding turf and landscape maintenance, required to keep a property healthy and presentable. The details of the services are listed below.

    • Fertilization  Pierce’s applies customized turf control products in 5 steps throughout the growing season, ending with a winter-feeding in the late fall.
    • Mowing  Pierce’s will maintain your lawn every seven days during the growing season to maintain curb appeal. Trimming and edging will be done every visit.
    • Aeration  Is a great way to renew your lawn in the fall after summer stress Pierce’s make a Double pass to ensure air and nutrient revive the lawn.
    • Grub Control  In the spring Pierce’s applies product to prevent grub damage throughout the season.
    • Mulching and Bed Shaping  First we define a clean deep edge around your landscape beds. Next we apply Pierce’s blend of pre-emergence herbicide to control weeds before we put down black dyed mulch.
    • Bush, Plant, and Landscape Beds  Mulch beds are monitored on a regular schedule for weed control. 
    • Leaf Clean-up  Pierce’s will remove all leaves from landscape beds and lawn and dispose of them off site.
    • Prune & Trim  All landscape beds shall be pruned 2 times per season. All trimming that shall be done will be to provide the plant with the best potential growth and to retain its shape.
    • Seasonal Clean-up

 -Spring Clean-up

Service of all landscape beds in preparation for mulching. Clean-up consists of bush trimming, weeding, cleaning beds of leaves and debris, and cutting back perennials.

 -Fall Clean-up

Service of all landscape beds to prepare for winter. Pierce’s will cut back ornamental grasses, perennials, remove leaves, and clippings from all landscape beds.