Green Hope

Perimeter Pests

Perimeter pest is a service we apply consisting of four applications throughout the year. Our perimeter pest service forms a liquid barrier around the outside of your house to mitigate insect entry to the property.

1. April through May: This application is applied to treat for the reemergence of insects in our ecosystem. While some insects enter a dormant phase during the colder months, others hibernate or move inside the houses or man-made structures for the winter. Coming out of this phase, we treat your property to keep them outside where they belong.

2. June through July: The second application is a maintenance application to maintain the protection we from the first application.

3. August through September: The third application is another maintenance application to protect your property from insects and arachnids entering your home. 

4. October through November: This application prepares your property for the winter. For the insects that don't hibernate and don't typically find cover outdoors, will look for a warmer habitat in homes of nearby habitants. The most common types of creepy crawlies you will see are cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish will find their ways into your home during this time of year.